Marie Le Moigne is a visual artist and a teacher of design and applied arts. She holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts, Visuals, and Space from ERG in Brussels. Her artistic practice and work explore the dialogues that can be established between visual arts and literature. Additionally, she engages and reflects on societal issues such as feminism, the body, memory, etc., through publications in various art and design journals. In 2022, she exhibited her work at Paris 8 and at the Giardi Gallery during the Saint-Étienne Design Biennial. In 2023, her photographic series "Through the Looking-Glass I and II" is being exhibited at the contemporary art event "Les Rencontres d'Aubergine" in Villeneuve les Avignon and then at Nuit Blanche in Paris (City Hall of the 19th arrondissement and Buttes Chaumont). Recently, she exhibited in Berlin and in Beijing, China. 
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